[Adebola had been similarly profligate, twice heading over from close in, before he finally found his range 12 minutes into the second half when he escaped the offside trap before prodding the ball under Lee Camp.] I thought a makeshift defence did well for 99% of the game, ... but one lapse has cost us.

He's an experienced player who has played European and international football and will add real quality to our squad.

Fadiga will bring flair, class and a left-sided balance. I know him from my time at Bolton and he knows the way I work.

They have not pulled on a shirt for the first team or played in front of the Derby supporters but if I need to call on them at some stage this season, I will.

There would be no better man to replace Eriksson. Sam would have no problems dropping big-name players.

It's something where you can't take a risk with a player.

I told my players that if we frustrated Leeds there was a strong possibility their crowd would turn against them, ... But we came up against an in-form striker who stuck the three chances he had away and after that it was damage limitation.

There was only one manager who wanted to win the game and that was me. Micky Adams came here for a draw and he got the result he wanted.

Stern was not fully fit when he came to us and we are trying to get him match fit.