All this speculation that he's no longer a National League player, that he's only fit to be a DH, all that goes by the wayside.

... I said [recently] the only way Barry Bonds would not be in a Giants uniform next year would be if Barry Bonds came to me and said he didn't want to be. ... He has said publicly that he doesn't want to be traded. He doesn't want to be a DH. He wants to be a Giant, He's proven in these few games that he can do that.

He's given the team a lift and he's hit the ball hard. He's even played in the field well, which some people were questioning. He's played seven, eight innings every time he starts. He stayed in that game [Friday] on a cold night. He's done very, very well.

If not a reasonable thing to do, at least it was an understandable thing to do. It's so easy to write we should have seen it coming, but you could have written that in 2004, 2003 or 2002 or 2001. He's an old player by baseball standards, and yet he was better than anyone else all of those years.

I think it's good for us to get an idea what '06 might look like. If we don't play these guys this year, then we don't know and we have question marks that affect all the offseason plans.

Yes, I think that's the general view [of the owners], that the area is the best [option].