"Peter S. Cohan" is an American businessman, author, venture capitalist, and financier.

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The stock is actually down fairly substantially from its high, which was about $80. It's now in the $45 to $47 range. But it's an excellent company. It grows revenues and profits very fast. It's different than other Web consulting firms in that it has a reputation for delivering. When it says it will finish a project on budget on time, it does. It's very rare that a company actually does that.

It seems like they are moving deck chairs around on the Titanic. When I saw the announcement, it sounded like some large bureaucratic organization hiring McKinsey to move boxes around.

As Apple and its competitors introduce ever-smaller form factors, flash memory will need to have a higher storage capacity, quicker retrieval speeds, smaller footprints and lower prices. These performance and price trends will make it more economically attractive for manufacturers to swap flash for miniature hard drives in cars, digital music players, and laptops.

If he was really serious about being independent, he would have had a real blind trust -- instead of a seeing-eye-dog trust.

Most demos take 20 minutes or 40 minutes or -- God help you -- longer to get to the point.

Product managers are in two forms of competition. They're competing with other vendors, but they're also often competing for share of mind with other product managers.

I still think it is a good idea but I don't think it is going to happen as there is not the backing from the big shareholders. It [Time Warner] is going to stay pretty much the way it is.

[Yet,] as stocks, I'm not really excited about any of them, ... They also seem to be stuck in a trading range at best.

Mainframes just don't get people excited any more.