The verdict makes a lot of sense. I didn't think first-degree murder was really an option in this case.

I'm not jumping up and down, but it's a fair verdict.

Most of us are sane enough not to carry out strange, intrusive thoughts. Jon McGee was not able to do that in the hotel room.

He had no specific intent to kill Mr. Graham. He was going over there to have sex.

This crime should not be singled out from others. The defendants of this crime, who are normally law-abiding citizens, already face very severe penalties. Why not assess these costs, if they are going to be assessed at all, to other police calls which may include violent acts by a hardened criminal?

He went into the hospital to seek treatment.

Once I present the case to the jury I totally accept their verdict. I'm at peace with either of the two verdicts that they could have rendered. They really worked hard on this. I don't look at it as a compromise. I think the evidence would have supported either verdict, second-degree murder or not guilty by reason of insanity. That's what juries are for.

I'm satisfied with it and I think it's a fair verdict. Clearly, this was not a first-degree murder case. The state could not prove that Mr. McGee committed premeditated murder against Mr. Graham.

It never ceases to amaze me that people look elsewhere for management.