They just keep getting better each year. This year, they scrimmaged some (high-profile) programs (to get ready for the season). They had a lead in both games this year, but ended up losing in the fourth quarter. They play hard, and they can hit.

We've still got to play Clare, Roscommon and Gladwin, but for (Houghton Lake), this is really big. They've already beaten Clare. For them to beat Clare and us, this would give them control of the Jack Pine.

He's cat-like quick and he can throw. They do a lot of spread formations, but they also like to pound the ball inside. Their line is pretty good.

We're going to find out a lot this week. Houghton Lake plays Clare, so we'll know more after Friday's games.

He reaffirmed my belief in what we're trying to do there, and we're pretty well represented by having a kid like him there. When we talked about it, he was glowing. He was in that frontline crew. ... It was something he took some pride in.

Our defense is playing outstanding right now. They may be bigger than us, but I think we're quicker. We'll need to use our speed.

The boys are looking very sharp in training and it looks like we've put the game behind us which is what you need to do after a disappointing performance. We're looking forward to Saturday to rectify the loss.

Sometimes no one needs time off for anything, then it seems like we have a streak where we really need the subs, ... We might not call (the subs) for several weeks, then again we might call them every day.

I believe in the Pete Rose philosophy, 'you play like you practice,' ... (On Friday), we need to keep the ball away from them. We can't have any turnovers and we can't have any penalties. ... It'd be nice to have some (long) drives so they can't have the ball.