The kids were really quiet before the game, and I didn't know how to take that. I hoped it meant they were focused and ready, and that's how they were. They came out really focused.

We try to press offensively and defensively. At times, it seems to wear the other team down.

That's the effort we need the rest of the way. They passed the ball well and did a lot of good things defensively.

The three have moved up in the rotation and are improving with each game. We need to give the starters a break whenever possible.

And you see want happened when we did run our offense in the second half. The inside was open for easy shots. Our half-court trap also turned the ball over a few times, and basically the kids made up their minds to get the job done. They played their hearts out.

I told the kids at the time, 'Let's see if you can back it up,' and, my gosh, here they are. What these kids have done is simply phenomenal.

We've seen some big (opponents). We don't care to see all the big ones.

Yeah, we had some disappointments over there, but there were many more good memories. I'm sad to see the place go.

They have been through this and know what it takes to win at this level. Their leadership is vital now.