We've got jobs for people.

I think we created all night and battled all night, but we weren't finishing and our power play came up short again.

Kyle fought all the heavyweights in the WLA this summer and he can play, too.

I think there's still a positive vibe. I hope that people realize it's an uphill battle for an expansion team, and that it's going to take a little time.

If it's not a sellout, it'll be close.

Every time he has the ball and I'm on the other bench, I'm nervous. He's not just beating a guy one-on-one, he's making four guys on the floor that much better.

When you talk about the greatest, his name has to be mentioned with anybody past, present or future.

We are a young hungry team that will play a high-tempo game. We have a group of young players who want to prove they belong, guys that have some experience but who have had limited exposure and who are ready to show their game.

Guys were a little heated but we took some time, got some composure and decided to make him pay for that.