Paul Bettencourt
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"Paul David Bettencourt", is a businessman in Houston, Texas/Houston, Texas, who serves as the Republican Party (United States)/Republican member of the Texas State Senate from Texas Senate, District 7/District 7. On January 13, 2015, he succeeded state Senator Dan Patrick (politician)/Dan Patrick of Houston, who became the new Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

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We enjoyed school. There were no drugs. Heck, we never even heard of it. Nobody smoked until they joined the service.

The printer made a mistake.

How Benson ever got the name 'Benny' I don't know, but we used to call him Benny.

Replacement voter registration certificates are arriving this week at absolutely no cost to Harris County taxpayers. Because this was the printer's error, the printer agreed to pay all printing and postage costs to correct it.

I am relieved to be up here talking about $40 to $50 million worth of damage instead of $40 to $50 billion worth of damage.

The whole class just shut up after that.

You don't talk back, I'll tell you that. I took my share of licks, but it was just a neat time.

The concentration of the damage is much stronger outside the city of Houston and in the far eastern part of the county.