Must be broadly shared, starting, we believe, with member states and the Security Council itself.

Then it got corrupted with a capital C when Saddam figured out how to make money off of it by putting on the surcharges and kickbacks.

There was no doubt that there were difficulties with the Security Council, hampering action on some reports of smuggling and kickbacks.

Everybody down the line kept very meticulous records because Saddam told them, 'You get the surcharge from everybody,' ... So they all wanted to document how they got the surcharge.

I hope to reinforce the recognition of the need for reform, ... There's a lot of nominal support for administrative reform, but whether they will actually carry out an effective reform is still very much in the balance.

The cumulative impact of this is pretty impressive, ... Somebody should have stood up and said, 'Enough.' But they didn't, so it ended up being much more controversial than it should have been considering that the main objectives of the program were in a sense achieved.

The responses range from absolute denial to complete admittance, ... Some said, 'We had no knowledge of it' - that's a pretty standard response - and some said, 'If we paid it, we don't know we paid it.' .

We have found no corruption by the secretary general, ... his behavior has not been exonerated by any stretch of the imagination.