"Patrick Connolly Meehan" was the victim of a controversial miscarriage of justice in Scotland. Although he died a natural death (of throat cancer in Swansea) a number of people involved in the case died violent deaths, in clashes between former associates among Glasgow criminals. Meehan came from Glasgow and was a "peter man", a safe blower with convictions for bank robbery.

In 1969 Mrs. Rachael Ross was murdered during a robbery at her bungalow in Ayr by two men. Her husband (Abraham Ross) survived the robbery, and he reported that the robbers had addressed each other as "Pat" and "Jim". Police suspected two known criminals, Meehan and James Griffiths, who had been in the area. Griffiths panicked when the police tried to arrest him, and he went on a gun-toting rampage across Glasgow. He was shot dead by police, but only after he shot and injured several passers-by, one of whom later died. Meehan was arrested more peacefully and charged with the murder of Mrs. Ross. His solicitor was Joseph Beltrami, and his advocates were Nicholas Fairbairn and John Smith (UK politician)/John Smith, who both later became high-ranking politicians.

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All steps necessary to ensure that all registered Pennsylvanians who show up at the polls are treated with respect.

It has been much busier than I expected. We weren't sure we needed to be here 24 hours a day to begin with, and it's become clear that we are getting questions and issues coming up all hours of the day and night.

If everyone pays their dues, you can't even pay one months bills. You better figure out how many car washes and bake sales you need to keep going.

I think, cynically, some people thought that John du Pont, who is the wealthiest murder defendant in the United States, would use his financial resources to ensure that he never stood trial at all.