They are just names now. But with names come experience. And experience says these guys are going to be able to compete. ... You are probably going to see some new faces (in the starting rotation), but one of the things with Sparky is he knows who's ready -- and who's not -- to start a game.

He is a guy who has pitched in the big-leagues and battled back from adversity and injury. He brings a tremendous work ethic and that 'I've been in your shoes and it takes hard work' (mindset).

We were impressed with all the singers that came out to the auditions. It was tough to narrow down the field to just 14, but we are pleased with the outcome. We congratulate all the performers who made the cut, but also everyone who had the courage to try out in the middle of a packed mall.

It's always hard to break up a championship team. They are players that want to do well and that creates a good chemistry. If you look at the guys we have back, they are all great guys. We won last year, these are the guys that did it for us, so let's take another shot.

The community has always embraced our players and made them feel at home in Central New Jersey. We appreciate the on-going support of the individuals and communities that take in the players and become part of our team.

Defensively, again, we are going to be tops in the league.

We brought back these particular guys because they are fan favorites. In 2002, we probably brought the wrong guys back. In 2003, we had a whole new team. In 2004, we had a good year (but missed the playoffs). In 2005, we had the right combination.

We've had Adam in that role, and I think they (other teams) see our success in that, and that it makes lot of sense to have a guy like Adam.

This program is our way to bring a very important message to the communities that have been so supportive of our team. We always try to provide positive role models and make a difference in the lives of our young fans. Making The Right Calls encompasses everything we try to promote throughout our community.