We need to act sooner rather than later.

It's better to have this time now than 14 months from now, (but) we have to start talking to the base, or they will stay home.

We got a number of good things done this year. It's rewarding to turn an idea into law.

I thought it would take years for a new member to become a player, ... It's better than I expected.

I got into the race and people literally laughed, ... They thought I had no chance of winning.

Often a blank slate gets to the court and then leans to the left.

It was to set a tone, ... Just because the average age on our team is 10 years older, just because they're 100 pounds bigger and a foot taller, we would not be the demure members of Congress. We would actually be aggressive.

We have to make the system solvent going forward. We have to make it a pay as you go system. We can't afford the rapid rising costs.

If you stop one terror attack in the U.S., it may be connected to multiple other plots out there that are connected. If you reveal that you stopped one plot, it may tip our hand.