There a lot of things contributing to the problem. It's up to the young adults to make the right decisions.

There is a river of sugar running through our elementary schools. We want to start stop offering candy as a reward ---- it has no nutritional value.

I'm here to support the May family. It has nothing to do with the death penalty.

I looked around and I didn't see people look unkempt, staring into nothingness. They were pleasant.

They are asking us to change an entire culture, so there is definitely going to be a big transitional period. But tonight was a good beginning.

We have not banned it (soda) because we have not seen any hard data. If people are calling this a public health crisis then we should require that only 18-year-olds can buy soda.

The concern is that we are seeing a lot of our young children become obese and develop cardiovascular diseases, and it's all completely preventable.