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"Omari Ishmael Grandberry", known as "Omarion", is an

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(Almost) everybody is of age, ... When the Scream Tour started we were 14 or 15. Bow (Wow) was, like, 13. It's become a really mature, young adult tour.

Because of the hurricane I was having second thoughts about coming here today.

This is like my first time all over again.

Grown women are coming out now, ... Real grown women. I'm not even talking about 25, 26. I'm talking 30.

Sometimes we have to re-route the way we go out of the venue, ... It's really something that you can't get use to. Seriously, sometimes you have fans that are real cool and collected and say `I love your work.' Sometimes it's `AAAHHHH!!!!' It's a shock every time.