Do we need to look at that? I think that we do. We have the new vice chancellor of administrative services ... and he does have a facilities background. One of his charges will be to look at the grounds and see what all is needed. You want the campus to look nice, but you also want low maintenance.

We want to protect the asset we have here and most importantly, it is rebuilding the (heating and air conditioning) systems, ... The aesthetics are important, but have to be done conservatively.

At that rate, it would take 30 years to get the college renovated. By that time, it would start all over again.

Our counties are growing. They're projecting about a 200,000-student growth for our district territory over the next decade, and we're preparing for that.

I put together a committee to review everything, so I wasn't in a little room all by myself making all these plans. They worked for 18 months on the draft, so it wasn't fly-by-night.

Our original date to get this done was 2005, but I told the board to slow it down and do it in phases ... that moved to fall 2007. If anything, I've slowed the talk down.