It is an outrageous abuse of power and process for the minister to shut the project down at the last hurdle - after this community group has spent more than ten years and more than $1 million on it.

I am trying to win. I am not trying to let him win.

With all his success, especially in the last year, Glen was an automatic choice to represent Australia.

There is an absolute commitment from National that there will be less indigenous trees cut down.

All three of us got a buck on the same day!

It's a gift from me to them. They don't have what most people have and hopefully this will help them get what they need.

The science aspect of mountain-top removal overshadows everything.

Hopefully it's humbling for us. If Ohio State can beat us, we should know that whoever we play in the second round of the NCAA tournament can beat us.

It wasn't clicking tonight. Some balls were there, and we just didn't make the plays. And turnovers killed us.