I feel guilty because I can't go down there and do anything else.

I highly respect (Highlands Ranch) and if you want to get to the next level you have to go through them anyway. So it wouldn't matter if you played them next game or three games down the line. You got to play them anyway.

There will be a time when, technologically, fully automated cars will be possible.

It was scary, but my rational for not taking a timeout before that, even though my assistant coaches almost had a heart attack, was that we are in the playoffs and we need to get used to this type of adversity. I had confidence in them. They were lacking some confidence, but we worked through that wave.

She got us going early and then finished it up for us. She's been doing that all season.

We expected the full-court press and the pressure. Our girls got a little intimidated by it, but I am very proud of this program. I give my hats off to these girls because they fought and gave everything a coach can ask for.

One of the best? They are the best. If you want to make it to the state championship you have to play the best some time. We got them earlier than we wanted to. They are, in my opinion, the best team in the state and very respectable.

She got us going and she finished it up for us. Of course, she has been doing that all season with her numbers.