It's welcoming to see the market give a little back.

What investors are telling us here now is that there really is no catalyst to step back into this market right now. People are waiting for this market to rally or at least stabilize.

There's really no catalyst for anyone to step in ? you had a couple of negative comments but there's nothing out this week aside from economic numbers. I think the buyers want to step back in but they're letting the market do its thing.

At the beginning of the year, it was what will technology do to help the economy and now it's what will the economy do to help technology.

I think people are excited to see this market stabilize this week and not give back all of its gains. It's just kind of wait-and-see right now.

Mondays are just horrible. People really just don't know what direction to take.

Volume is not convincing because many investors are not convinced that they should step back into this market and there is very little catalyst to step back in.

There's zero catalyst to step into this market and it is this Fed meeting that has people at a standstill.

There really is not clear guidance to what the outlook is going forward.