"Nathan Gregory Moore" is an American mixed martial arts/mixed martial artist, who is perhaps best known for his four-fight stint with now defunct promotion Strikeforce (mixed martial arts)/Strikeforce, going 2-2 in the promotion.

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It feels really good. It's hard to explain. There's a lot of relief for everybody.

I really wasn't thinking about anything. My head was so clear. I was just ready to wrestle. I knew I could handle him.

I knew I was going to take it to him. I was feeling really good before the match.

We're a solid staff all the way around. It's just one of those days.

Grand Ledge gave their best effort playing against one of mid-Michigan's best high school teams. For the past two decades Mason has dominated their conference with multiple district titles. Even though we didn't win, we still played with a lot of heart and emotion.