Natalie Gulbis
FameRank: 10

"Natalie Anne Gulbis" is an American professional golfer of Latvian descent who plays on the U.S.-based LPGA Tour.

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She grinds. She just sticks to her routine.

If you're within a couple of the lead going into the weekend, that's where you want to be.

It's probably going to be a birdie-fest and you're going to have to shoot in the 60s every round.

The team around me has marketed me pretty aggressively, ... but my priority is my golf. If I can get more fans out for me and following our tour, it's just going to grow and grow.

We've got some pretty long players and I actually don't think length will make all that much difference. I think our team is full of great ball strikers and we make an awful lot of birdies. That's what counts.

We don't know what they're doing. But we're having a great time.

Every time you do well in a tournament you get a phone call from Nancy.

Everybody was dancing in the motor home and telling jokes and plenty of things that need to stay in the motor home.

We all got cameras from Canon and we're all taking pictures, and they'll upload them on It's a fan-friendly thing the team is doing. We want our fans to be able to see it through our eyes. You'll probably see pictures of us taking pictures of other people taking pictures.