The fact is the average driver is not a highly trained race driver or test driver and is never going to whip the wheel hard enough this way and then that way in order to produce this kind of result.

Nokia are the Manchester United of the mobile phone market, ... They keep winning everything.

The stock market could be on track for a recovery, ... The stock market is one of the key leading economic indicators and it tends to turn up about six months before the official end of recession. So, if in fact it stays up now, it would be signaling that the recession could be over sometime next June.

We do like the fit very very much, ... Operationally and culturally, the organizations should be able to work very well together.

Had we not done that [and filed for] liquidation, then 21,000 people would have lost their jobs.

Step back and look at the big picture, ... The big picture for the American economy remains positive.

The question is whether we can sustain it.

We are not in discussions with [Palm] about any kind of merger.