New home sales numbers are encouraging, especially after the soft durable goods numbers, ... Investors are very worried about real estate, and any figures that ease those concerns bode well for the market. Still, high oil prices remain a worry.

The market has been worried about inflation and it has been worried about the Fed and this relieves them on both fronts.

It almost doesn't matter who's elected, ... The market wants to get out from under the uncertainty of the election.

I think the next time they meet, we'll get the same thing again. They'll hold steady.

Initially, there's little doubt that it's a boost for the market.

The issue for the market is just to relieve some of the fears we have. The fundamentals have been superb, earnings have been above expectations, corporations are swimming in money. But we have a litany of fears that have affected and infected investors.

I don't think he gave the market as definite a picture as it wanted, and we're seeing the consequences of that now.

This provides some conviction that China's economy is still growing very fast.

In the end, the market is going to look at the financial situation, and that will depend on the United States' ability to transfer power and withdraw and relieve the financial strain of this whole exercise.