"Miles E. White" was a top costume designer of Broadway theatre/Broadway musical theatre/musicals for 25 years. He is known in the entertainment industry for his well rendered, prolific, imaginative and witty designs. He won recognition, including four Donaldson Awards and two Tony Awards.

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Clearly, the Guidant vascular acquisition will positively contribute to that.

New products are coming on line and other products will be hitting their stride.

Our balanced, broad-based businesses delivered strong results once again in 2005, in line with our expectations.

It's a disappointment but not unexpected by the market or any one else.

This acquisition complements our strategy in medical products. Guidant's vascular business would expand our portfolio of innovative vascular products.

This acquisition complements our strategy in medical products.

The joint venture is strong; we are not likely to be divorced.

The effects of this disaster are absolutely devastating. Abbott is answering the call to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Clearly this is a plus for us that will help us reach the targets we always set.