Mikko Koivu
FameRank: 10

"Mikko Sakari Koivu" is a Finland/Finnish professional ice hockey centre (ice hockey)/center who currently serves as Captain (ice hockey)/captain of the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League (NHL). Koivu was the captain for the gold-winning Finnish national ice hockey team/Finnish national team at the 2011 Men's World Ice Hockey Championships.

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Sometimes it's hard. It doesn't go in, it gets harder when it gets more time and more games. But I think why I felt confident and comfortable is I still played good game overall.

I change that once in a while. Every player has two, three moves that they want to do. For me, I always look at the goalie and how he moves in the net. I thought it would work.

It feels good, especially tonight. We played a solid game the last game and the end was bad for us.

It's a big deal. There will be guys that were my idols when I was growing up. You can always learn being around those guys.