And the long-range toughness (for the Saints) is they know the next year is going to be different... the family insecurity... this one is going to be unbelievable in comparison.

Overall, I've been pleased after our two scrimmages. We've just got to get some depth so these kids can get a breather. But I think the kids are doing fine. We just want to get better each game.

We told the kids that Roberts and Holscher can run. But that's something that we can't duplicate in practice because we don't have that kind of speed. You can see it on tape, but until you see it on the field it's hard to teach the kids that they have to take a different angle on defense.

We looked like the kind of offense we want.

Palestine is a good ball club. They've got speed and a lot of good athletes. They played a whale of a game. The better team won tonight.

It's not a lifestyle that I would call a typical lifestyle, but it's the lifestyle they chose.

With Ruby being brand new, the small things are the most prominent problem. We feel a little more like landlords than residence hall staff right now with the number of complaints about faulty plugs and card readers.

We played all games on the road, and it's a drop in the bucket compared to what these poor guys are going through.

Dr. Ruby himself came by during move in and he loves the hall.