He was ready for them, and he kept wondering what was taking so long. He really loved these boys.

I wish it had come in a win, but this is a day I won't forget.

I've been looking forward to this time for the past six months, ... Since I got the job, this is the first time I've been able to really coach. It was a good start. I thought everyone really competed out there. That's what we are looking for. The roles the guys will play this season will become apparent through competitive practices.

Some people have had questions, some have said they wish we weren't leaving and most have said they hope we can find a new location, ... It's sad. You see a lot of the same people every morning for years. We have a lot of regulars we're on a first-name basis with.

We want to hear laughter because that's the kind of man he was.

It's as busy as it's ever been, ... As long as there are people in line, we'll keep making doughnuts.

You work, ... You give players expectations, hold them accountable, make them perform.

We have a good core from last year and we'll see how the new guys push the returning players, ... I'm very excited about our coaching staff. Our team will play with a lot of passion. I expect us to be very competitive.

We made an isolated error, and we corrected it as promptly and forthrightly as possible. We have reviewed the miscalculation with our outside auditing firm and with our board of directors.