He's getting better every time out and he's got a good chance down the road.

I think we can give them a go and give a good send-off to our seniors.

It's almost like a training session for district. The younger guys see what it's like and a lot of them walked away with a little more confidence. They realize that if they get third in a couple weeks, they're headed to state.

But, we moved Samantha back to third where she played as a freshman and sophomore and she is doing a great job on defense.

I'd like to think we can beat him somewhere down the road. We blew a lead in the league dual, but we never had the lead in this one. We'll go back and try to figure things out for next time.

He was pretty much a terror there. He really racked up some points for us, so it's nice to have him back and wrestling well.

He wrestled well all week.

It's going to be one of those things where we might see him a couple more times this season. Levi is getting better and better.

That's as high as we've finished over there in a while. It was a good weekend for us and we seem to be getting better and better every week.