Mike Jackson
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"Sir Michael David "Mike" Jackson", is a retired British Army officer and one of its most high-profile generals since the Second World War. Originally commissioned into the Intelligence Corps (United Kingdom)/Intelligence Corps in 1963, he transferred to the Parachute Regiment (United Kingdom)/Parachute Regiment in 1970, with which he served two of his three tours of duty in Northern Ireland. On his first, he was present as an adjutant at the events of Bloody Sunday (1972)/Bloody Sunday (1972), when soldiers opened fire on protesters, killing 13 people. On his second, he was a company commander in the aftermath of the Warrenpoint ambush (1979), the British Army's heaviest single loss of life during the Troubles. He was assigned to a staff post at the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom)/Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 1982 before assuming command of the 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment, in 1984. Jackson was posted to Northern Ireland for the third time, as a brigade commander, in the early 1990s.

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My office has received 50 forms from people who mailed it to us or faxed it, even though there was no return envelope.

We need an election, not a walk-on. If you only have one person running, people don't know who she is until she's on the council dais.

It is critical that the educators and academic programs are recognized for their excellence and innovation in preparing future professionals. Their work not only benefits the overall industry, but it shapes the future of the document management and communications marketplace as well.

If greed turns tribes into these kinds of people . . . then money is bad for them, ... They are not true Native Americans.

That's not going to have an impact so much this year, but going forward, it will help.

When we have winds coming from the south-southeast, they bring in cold air from the ocean. Ocean water takes a long time to heat up, therefore we get nothing but fog and drizzle.

The vendor inadvertently didn't stuff all the envelopes. They have made good on the mistake.

What it comes down to is whether you want to pay for that premium right up front... or pay for it incrementally in the form of a different vehicle that gets a slightly lower fuel economy.

I think over the next five years, the premium luxury segment will grow at double the rate of the volume market because of demographic trends. The Baby Boom generation simply shows no signs of slowing down or retiring.