We all found some big fish. I think you'll see the record [of 8 pounds, 9 ounces for the biggest bass caught in the Classic] broken in the first 10 minutes.

I was lucky. In 1997, I walked into a sporting goods store to buy some lures and saw an ad that someone was looking for someone to manage a fishing lodge. I was hired and the man who was my boss was a former professional fisherman. That gave me a 9-to-5 income but also gave me time off work to fish events.

Sometimes my emotions get the best of me, and that is exactly what happened. I love this country, and I love everything that the flag stands for.

I'm just glad we're getting back up toward my part of the country. And they're great fisheries. I basically got my start in the Federation (Nation) on those lakes.

There might have been some things said. But, again, was I the first person to ever break a light post? Was I the first person to ever curse? Absolutely not. Have they ever disqualified anyone for cursing before? Absolutely not.

I'm pretty hard-core, but I don't like being wet or cold. If you get caught in bad weather without the right clothes, it affects the way you fish.