"Michael David Hinton" was an United States/American guitarist, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his career, he played with numerous bands, including Norton Buffalo and the Knockouts, High Noon, Merl Saunders & the Rainforest Band, to name a few. He appeared on several albums with the Rainforest Band and other Merl Saunders projects, including It's In The Air, Fiesta Amazonica, Still Having Fun, Merl Saunders With His Funky Friends - Live, and Still Groovin' .

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It was a lot of fun. I was proud of the way we responded. Every game, we've had one bad inning and we didn't respond.

Adam pitched extremely well. We wanted to give him a chance to finish, but he threw 92 pitches and started getting tired.

Over the last four games, I've let him call our pitches. He's done a good job of calling the games. You have to be able to understand the game to call pitches. I've always liked to have the catcher calling the pitches because a coach can only see so much.