He is probably the grittiest quarterback I've seen. He finds a way to get it done.

They're pretty similar to us. They certainly don't rely on one guy. (Hussey) has a good touch on the ball, and he's a good runner. Both defenses have to be on their toes.

Two of the best linebackers in the state will be on the field (tonight). They are both lights out. They hit you and run things down. I've been really impressed with Brown.

We didn't play with the same drive we did in the first half. Our front on defense was standing and pushed around.

He is a game changer. He can run the ball and throw the ball. A lot of what they do offensively is going to go through him.

We've always been a little bit wide open anyway, but with Chris out, it kind of forced us to throw more.

We need to be consistent with our effort and our assignments.

We didn't know if we should keep calling (the fullback trap) or not. (Winslow) came up big on a couple of fourth downs.

I'd say right now there are seven teams (that could win it).