"Mike Harper" is considered to be one of America's leading opinion makers on NASCAR and ARCA RE/MAX Series racing topics. His [http://www.spinoutzone.com Spin Out Zone] column was established in 2001 and has grown into one of the industry's most popular racing web sites. In 2007, he joined forces with digital media artist Lori Munro and NASCAR writer Dennis Michelsen in the purchase of [http://www.racetalkradio.com RaceTalkRadio.com].

The network has grown since 2007 from a web site hosting one Internet radio show to the nation's largest independent Internet radio network dedicated to racing. Racing programs include shows hosted by SPEED TV's Bob Dillner, XM Radio's Joe Castello and NASCAR Driver Greg Biffle. Shows include the SpeedFreaks and BAM Spirit (with Warner Music Nashville and Larry the Cable Guy). In addition to his work in racing media, Mike is a travel management industry veteran having worked with Fortune 500 corporations, small to mid-size companies and Universities on managing their travel programs.

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She had a good year last year. If we could have supported her at all with some runs, especially earlier in the year, she would have had a much better record.

I'm proud of our students and our community. Students have seen a need and they've made a difference and the community steps up every time there's a need.

I just don't want to create an ordinance that's going to be unfair to stores. That's my only concern, I don't want to create an unfair system.

Most of these students' records are underwater, gone forever. We will make adjustments where appropriate to meet whatever needs they have. They've got good teachers and counselors to take them in. We expect them to join us and do really well.

Whether the children are just relocating to the area or like our newest enrollees who have lost everything, choosing to get involved is important. Research shows involvement is one of the keys to being a successful student.

We have seen an average increase of about 6 percent this year over last year. The growth we have seen is driving up the value of property throughout the county. Of course, you have some areas that have seen more increases than others, but just about everyone will see an increase in their taxes paid.

When you have the homes in there, we have to concentrate on protecting the houses and their property. The more we have scattered around here, the more that runs our unit short.

That one had eyes, didn't it?