Obviously, he's a good coach. That's why I brought him in. The fact that he's my brother makes it that much more special. He's already doing a hell of a job.

He's a great player, but we did win by nine, so we have some great players, too.

James needs to set his clock. He has it on Eastern time or something.

All we do is play to our players' strengths.

Tonight was just one of those games you have to gut it out. It seemed we were beaten two or three times. However, Shawn had another great game, and Steve (Nash) did everything he could to get us that win.

(Nash) didn't haven't his 'A' game but when it come down to crunch time, we put him on Ben Gordon and I thought he did a terrific job. He's turned into a heck of a defensive player and I'm not saying that tongue in cheek either. The guy has played defense the last couple months as good as anybody.

That was the difference. We shot well enough in the first half (51.2 percent) to be up by more than three.

I'm happy with the team.

We just kept gutting it out. It seemed like we lost it two or three times.