The Bears could play in this game every year. We have the most hall-of-famers.

It doesn't feeling any better than hearing President Bush saying, 'Brownie, you're doing a great job,'.

Your loyalty is more naturally to your teammates and coaches. If you've been around a few years like me, you develop a bond with the city and the whole concept of a franchise. But that's hard for a lot of guys to do these days.

The flooding is everywhere and I'm not talking about just New Orleans. I'm talking about all through Mississippi and Alabama. So this storm is really having a catastrophic effect throughout the South right now.

This is a very active disaster season for FEMA. The men and women of this organization are ready to respond anywhere and everywhere.

We're still in Florida doing long-term recovery efforts.

Youth football is a worthwhile activity for all who participate in it. I'm pleased to see how it is coming together.

They tell me I have a good shot at starting but that is just talk. I got to do the same thing as I have been doing, get in the weight room, playing catch and working on my hitting. They are a young team and they are looking for guys to step up. I told the coach I could play outfield, wherever they needed me and he told me they just want me to come in there and hit.

We're a small department. It looks good when these guys walk in.