"Michael W. Blake" is a former professional hockey player in the National Hockey League. He was a goaltender for the Los Angeles Kings between the 1981–82 and 1983–84 NHL seasons. However, he would only play in 41 career games, 29 in 1983–84.

His Uncle Toe Blake was a famous Montreal Canadiens player, playing with Rocket Richard.

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Today was a pivotal match, ... Yuba City came in with the same record as us so we were very evenly matched. Our singles played well, especially Jackie (Thompson) who was down 4-0 and then it was like a switch was thrown. That was a key match for us.

With only 12 players on a team and to have lost six of those players - that leaves some big shoes to fill. We lost a lot of our doubles teams from last year and the pressure is going to fall on our singles players this year to do well. We won't be able to count on our doubles teams to sweep.

Jackie hits a hard ball and is a classic power player. She's 6-foot-1 and has been playing since she was very little. She's a real talent and we're hoping this year she will continue to develop that and keep her confidence up.

Granite Bay is going to be the class of the league again going into the season.

It's refreshing to see a new face. I think the new fire chief will move us in a new direction.

Unfortunately all government agencies, locals no exception, are all behind the eight ball, when it comes to getting things done. We are always adding positions each fiscal year, and we are always a few people less than needed.

Overall, it was a very good day. It was a good win for the girls. I'm very proud of them.

We had good wins in doubles. But we're going to have to work on our singles.