I'm very happy for Gavin, because I know what he's capable of being. I always felt he was going to get back on track. We just needed to have patience.

Jason's a better catch-and-throw guy. I don't know if he's a better hitter. At this stage, both were confident kids that believed they were going to be big leaguers.

We definitely see him having a chance of being a back-of-the-bullpen guy. He has a plus-plus fastball.

It has nothing to do with ability. Because of weather and bus rides, we thought it made sense to start him in warm weather and where there are very limited bus rides. We don't anticipate him being there a long time.

He needs three pitches. At times, we've seen a Major League breaking ball, but it's hard to develop a third pitch in that role. He's a three-pitch guy.

We see a lot of 95s and 96s from this kid.

Jason has the mental makeup and, to me, that's a huge part of it when you start thinking about double-jumping guys. It's 60-40 we will do it. It depends on the way he swings the bat in spring training.

We don't anticipate Cole being there a real long time.

In Steve's former position, he was involved more in the business aspect of our Minor Leagues. Now, he will assume the day-to-day duties.