I'm talking about a voice in the locker room when coaches aren't present, a voice at their apartments where they live, that type of thing. He tells them not to get excited or too low. Keep plugging away and things will happen. He has a confidence in others to help them improve their game.

I've seen him do it a number of times.

He's a very physical off guard that can score outside, inside, wherever he wants to.

I don't think they understood that until Kelly spoke and said that to everybody. We've approached (every game) like that since then.

They're getting steals, creating turnovers. They get teams sped up, playing out of their rhythm, and right into their hands.

Their opponents are shooting a lot more free throws, and I hope that continues (today).

They play so many guys. Twelve, 13 every ball game. They just keep coming at you. It doesn't stop.

They're (Montana) no doubt the class of the league. For us, it's a home game. In any league race, you have to do well at home and sneak what you can on the road.

I thought going into this season, Freeman was the best returning point guard in the conference. And he's done nothing to dispel that.