I feel like I'm watching a movie. I watch the news and the television, and I think it's going to hit me sometime soon.

Just seeing him [on television] and being able to see his eyes and his reaction to his rescue just took a huge load off my shoulders.

I went to sleep with the news every night.

The possibilities are endless for me — Broadway, TV, music and film.

We had lived in blissful anonymity until that story came out. There were photographers around the next day.

We definitely see it as a second home. We're really set on making that commitment to this city even though it is more difficult to be here because we're more visible here than in (New York's) Brooklyn.

I was born with a fierce need for independence.

There was a sense of being taken on a journey by the grandmaster of the road trip. You feel this weird angel taking you somewhere. You don't know where, but you trust him.