It is something the residents had requested. The return envelope will add a level of privacy and security with their utility bills. It is also an additional avenue to communicate with our residents.

The fact that pay for performance is reinstated demonstrates that council recognizes the quality of staff that we have here. And it shows that they understand the benefits in rewarding and retaining quality service.

Council and staff have been optimistic since the beginning of the budget adoption process that our revenue for this year would be able to fund some of these items.

When he's on, he's definitely on. When he's off, he's still pretty good. And when he takes the mound, you know he gives you a chance to win. It's just a matter of scoring runs for him.

I do not believe this establishes a pattern and I believe these are rare occurrences -- very, very tragic and unfortunate occurrences.

The last two years have been hell. I thought we'd buy a boat, play golf, go to the beach. But that hasn't worked out.

He is just amazing. I'm always lucky to have him.

We'll take three themes from the audience, then make up something on the spot. We'll stray a little bit from the flamenco theme, but it's a lot of fun.

Like every other starter, you feel bad for [Baker] tonight. It's got to end some time.