We?re happy to share with you today the wonderful shows the staff have put together.

When we heard about the Bay Street production and how wonderful it was, we knew audiences would love this musical and that it would be perfect for our first touring venture across the country.

We got very creative -- how do you make sure we provide enough parking and maintain the original plan?

We know it's easy to get swept away in a growth market, ... But I've been in this business more than 25 years and I've watched investors figure out a way to justify incredible multiples, only to see valuations collapse back to the underlying worth of the company. We are value investors, and at these prices, we aren't going to buy names like Microsoft.

Whether they're jukebox musicals – I hate the term – or new and hip, you gotta pick songs that support the story. If you don't feel for the characters, if you're not worrying about what is going to happen, you're going to fail.

It's going to happen again. And we're not ready for it, as you can see by Katrina. ... We're going to have another Sept. 11; it's inevitable.