Without his insights, we would fail to appreciate the dangerous potentials of rapid evolution in the avian flu virus.

Dinosaurs have been incredibly popular for decades. So many kids and adults -- who sometimes don't admit they love them -- love dinosaurs, there's no question about it. There's also no question that really dazzling movies like 'Jurassic Park' and 'Lost World' raise a lot of interest.

We didn't think the issue would be as white-hot as it is right now. It kind of raised the ante for us. My sense was, let's make this show good, because people really want to see it. They need it.

We respect people's beliefs, and conversion is not necessarily our goal. We hope that every visitor will have a clearer idea of what Darwin did and, for that matter, what science means.

Dinosaurs have been incredibly popular for decades.

Darwin himself was a really fascinating person, an adventurer as well as a scientist.

The doubts about Darwin's theory are very much like the doubts heard 150 years ago. The show is not about the controversy but about Darwin's life and adventures.