Through laughter, a lot of the time you can defuse the tension that would usually be there.

We talked about how Sunday morning is so segregated, with white churches and black churches.

I am living something that I was told for 20 years that I would never be able to do. Hardly a day goes by that I don't get to fly my airplane.

The intent of this is to provide as many options as possible. The intent is not to sterilize property.

We kept turning the ball over. That was the problem. When you give the ball away like we did tonight, it's hard to get any offense going.

God just put spiritual people in the right places.

What you did was not done to discourage looters, but for the key reason of producing trophy photos.

I'm really strong and am hitting hard, he was my mandatory challenger and look what I've done to him. I don't think he was really up for the job. He took quite a beating in there.