These products are really exciting, not only because they are a little bit more obscure, unique, but they also taste really good.

There are excellent public schools (in Las Vegas) and it is no secret that the public schools in wealthier neighborhoods have newer, better equipment.

We get teachers who either live here or they want to stay in this area. There is no way we're going to attract somebody. So the competition for teachers is real tough for us.

The tone was the right tone but the specifics and the specific commitments, that's for the follow-up.

You can sit in the office all day long and get the work done, but what this district needs is someone who's out at the schools, out in the community and really knows the students.

We didn't come away with a clear commitment.

I group champagnes with very broad strokes, they are either light, medium or full.

This is probably a three-hour lecture, ... First, there's nothing new.

The funerals are hard, so it's good to see all these people come out and show their support.