My batting at the moment is a lot better than it has been, both mentally and technically.

At the moment it appears to be mostly particulates (soot). We have no reports so far of elevated levels at ground level.

It's clear they had a big support network and one that has managed to function without creating any chatter that the security services picked up. And almost certainly, this is only the tip of the iceberg. They can strike again.

There's an element of this which is to prove to the British public that the government is taking it very seriously.

It was almost gratuitous suicide, and in many ways that's the worst aspect of this whole thing. Most of the effort in terrorism goes toward planning an escape afterward, and suicide bombers don't have to do that.

As much as you hate getting dropped, it certainly gave me some time to re-assess.

I said I'm on my way and straight away left the house.

We wanted to win. This game is behind us now. We have to just keep working hard so that we can stay in front.