I first encountered his work when I was in high school. To actually think about having this boyhood idol as part of the program is a complete thrill.

I think we were agreed that he has already entered the canon of modern American drama among the immortals, along with Eugene O' Neill, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller. It's just delightful that he would even consider accepting our offer because his stature is so unique in world literature.

It was Emily that has worked with him on a number of occasions, and she was able to discuss with him his willingness to entertain this idea. She's had a long association with him and luckily we're the beneficiaries of that partnership.

Despite the fact that he certainly would not have had to make a career in teaching given his extraordinary success ... he spent 15 years as a professor at the University of Houston. That kind of spoke to his interest in bringing along young talent. Not only is he a brilliant playwright, but he's also genuinely interested in young writers.