"Melissa Ji-Yun Lee" (born circa 1966) is a New Zealand politician. She was elected to the New Zealand House of Representatives/House of Representatives as a list MP for the National Party of New Zealand/National Party in the New Zealand general election, 2008/2008 election. she is Parliamentary Private Secretary for Ethnic Affairs under Judith Collins.

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All of the proceeds are going to be donated to the rape crisis center.

It was very surprising for everyone and also a big rallying point for our staff. We had staff who stayed through the storm and have been there stabilizing the animals and the collection and getting them ready to move out.

Our guys literally, as they were leaving, gave those guys a crash course in how to care for penguins and otters, and they did.

It will be a happy day for everyone.

It was a beautiful collection and it will be very hard to replace. But we will.

But it is wonderfully heartwarming to see how our fellow institutions have come to our aid.

Using the information gained during student focus groups, we're able to design a concise instrument that focuses on the most pressing issues.