Megan Edwards
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"Megan Frances Edwards" is an United States/American writer and editor. File:MeganEdwards1.jpg/thumb/Megan Edwards

Edwards was born in Great Lakes, Illinois, near North Chicago. She graduated with a B.A. from Scripps College in classics and an M.A. in education from Claremont Graduate University, after which she worked in Germany, Greece, California, Texas, and Nevada, as a teacher and also a school principal. She was also a columnist (1993–1998) for the Pasadena Weekly and a contributing writer (2000–2001) for the Las Vegas Weekly.

On October 27, 1993, the house where she and her husband lived in California burned down in a wildfire, destroying nearly all their possessions. Instead of rebuilding, they bought a custom motorhome, christened it "Phoenix One" and began a road trip that lasted six years. During this time the couple pioneered the (then difficult) art of connecting to the Internet while traveling. One result was "RoadTrip America", a web resource started in 1996 for touring in North America.

The first four years of her adventures in Phoenix One are recorded in the book "Roads from the Ashes". In general, the book was well received.

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