"Max Black" was a British-American philosopher, who was a leading influential figure in analytic philosophy in the first half of the twentieth century. He made contributions to the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mathematics and philosophy of science/science, and the philosophy of art, also publishing studies of the work of philosophers such as Gottlob Frege/Frege. His translation (with Peter Geach) of Frege's published philosophical writing is a classic text.

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I think it was a pretty good momentum booster, ... because they were starting to move the chains.

It's just the first game.

[It depends who you ask. Highland players don't want to be known as the first team to lose to Pocatello in 11 years.] We've got to keep it going, ... I haven't lost to them. I can't start.

We've got to keep it going. I haven't lost to them. I can't start.

Our senior class has always wanted to live up to the legacy of Highland football. We thought we were going to be just as good as some of the other classes last year. Now it feels like we have to live up to it even more, because we weren't as successful.

It gives you pressure to perform. That's what you want to do. If you don't have the pressure on you, you're not going to excel. I like it.