Matt Stairs
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"Matthew Wade Stairs" is a Canadian former professional baseball outfielder, first baseman, designated hitter, and pinch hitter who holds the record for most pinch-hit home runs in Major League Baseball/Major League history with 23. His pinch-hit home run in the eighth inning of 2008 National League Championship Series#Game 4/Game 4 in the 2008 National League Championship Series off the Los Angeles Dodgers Relief pitcher/reliever Jonathan Broxton was called "one of the most memorable home runs in Phillies history" by MLB sportswriter Todd Zolecki in his May 11, 2009 article titled Revisiting top 10 moments of '08 NLCS.

In his career, Stairs played for more major-league teams than any position player in major league history (12 (technically 13 teams but 12 franchises as he played for the Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals); Octavio Dotel holds the record for pitchers and all players at 13).

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The good thing is it's not in the belly of the hamstring. The doctor looked at it twice and the second time he saw it, he was very pleased with what he saw.

Once I hit the guard rail, I lost my semi-balance and it dropped behind me.

I very easily could've went to a contender, ... but I felt very good about coming back to this organization.

It wasn't very hard to think about, ... Once the offer was there, it was a 'Yes.'

I think it's gotten past the point of frustration for us. When we make a mistake, it seems to beat us. Tonight it was an infield hit. I thought it was a good ballgame and I thought we played well, but we lost.

I want the young guys to sit by their lockers with their heads up. The only thing I can do is try to be positive.

If I was going to play like this all the time, they could've signed me for five years.

I've made it clear that I love Kansas City.