When I went to UCLA I was young, just 18 years old, ... I had an idea, but now that I'm older and really got to the know the playbook, coach Riley's scheme and everything has worked well for me.

As far as numbers go, Jonathan and Derek did what they did here, ... I think people evaluated on their careers, not after two games. After this year or next year, I think I'll be able to make that judgement on myself.

Mike runs good routes, and he's always making the big play, ... He pulled down a few high balls I threw last week, and made it look like nothing. I've played with some good receivers at UCLA, but Mike is in a class all by himself. He's a real classy, quiet Oregon guy. He just takes care of business.

That's the difference between the offense clicking this week and not clicking last week. We were in sync tonight, and it was just players making plays. You can't pick out one guy. We had guys catching balls all over the place and spreading it around to people, and when your quarterback is making great decisions, it's a hard offense to stop.

People always look at me just, 'Oh, he's going to get broken in half,' and blah, blah, blah.

We're going to be on a high, our first away game, playing a big-time school like Louisville. We'll be ready. It's going to be loud, and things aren't going to go our way sometimes; we're just going to have to battle.

Not just for me personally, but for our team, ... To never let down, never give up. We came back strong. I think it shows a lot of character from a bunch of guys on this team.

I'm definitely following a guy who had a good career here, now he's in the NFL. He's definitely somebody I'd want to be like — throwing the ball the way he did, and having the guys rally around him like from what I saw.

Often when discussions of teacher salaries are going on, people are comparing themselves to the national average, ... We're suggesting that might not be the best comparison. People in other cities might be paying more for housing and food, and their dollars might not go as far.